Cootie Trades "Camp" for "Spa"

You may remember that Cootie Brown is a regular guest at Hubbard’s Cupboard and an occasional blog contributer as well. A couple of years back when I had just started to blog with any regularity, Cootie stayed with me for a spell and we enjoyed a week or so of “CAMP” with all sorts of activities appropriate for that theme.
Well, she’s back.
Arriving this morning after breakfast — on her 8th BIRTHDAY, no less — she has decided that she’d rather go for a SPA theme for this summer stay-cation.
Today she spent a good bit of time out by the fountain on the patio dreaming of younger days when she’d rather hunt geckos than have her nails done. She says that the sound of water’s babble makes her think of the brooks and creeks and raging rivers where he loves to ramble and hunt with her friends. I’m pretty sure that all of that romping is also in her dreams.
She’ll eventually grow weary of the spa treatments and we’ll be on to other ventures, but for now, it is rather placid around here and I don’t mind at all.
If you are new to the blog and would like to catch up on Cootie’s exploits, simply click on the “tag” above for “Cootie Brown” and all of the blogs which have been similarly tagged will magically assemble themselves in one long string. Oh, the joys of technology.

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