Wycliffe "at" URBANA’09

One of the things I will potentially (and probably) blog about over these next months is URBANA. It’s a great conference hosted by InterVarsity every three years that I’ve attended twice in my lifetime (1987 and 2000) and which I’ll attend again this year.
I’ve already posted some comments about it on Facebook and have Tweeted about it. Blogging is sure to follow.
As we build the on-site team and develop our strategies for the event, one of my priorities is to provide tools to that team that will enable them to effectively engage a prayer-team to support the work we’ll be doing. The graphic above is one of those tools — an represents a small collection of digital graphics that we’ll be able to email to people or put on blogs.

One thought on “Wycliffe "at" URBANA’09

  1. Paul Merrill says:

    Urbana is why I have invested about 17 years of my life with Wycliffe.

    I'm not sure it is still the tool that it was for God to call the younger generation to mission, but it is still a good thing!

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