Ted Dekker: GREEN

I can’t remember which one of Dekker’s books I read first, but once I’d read one, I was quickly on my way to becoming a fan. A few months ago I took the “Circle Trilogy” on a long trip and read all three in the span of about 10 days. It’s hard to explain the experience, really.
I’m not one to think that any fiction work is for everyone — but if suspense/fantasy/sci-fi is interesting to you at all and you’ve not read any of Dekker’s work, you should at least give it a try.
A month or so ago I became aware that the next book in this series — GREEN — will be released soon. Then, not long after hearing that, I was invited by a marketing deal to which I subscribe to promote the book with friends.
Essentially I can invite people to go to the website and sign up to receive info about the book when it’s published (including a discount coupon for the book) and by doing go I become eligible for fabulous prizes (you know, autographed books and some amazing trip). Truth is, I’m not all that fired up for the prizes (though a trip is always cool). I just want to pass on the op for a coupon to you if you are wanting to purchase the book anyhow.
So, go to the website and sign up if you want to. When you do, you can give them my code number and that will get me “credit” toward whatever it is I get credit for. (I really did read it when I signed up. I just didn’t care that much.)
That code is 6970.
Now, I’m not at all sure why the graphic above lost a layer of it’s color. Bummer.
And, here is some info about the book. There is way, way more on the website.

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