Millennium Park – Chicago

The plan was simple: meet in Chicago and attend Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit together and then stay a couple days extra to play in the Windy City. Julie, Sandy, Tammy and I did just that.

On Saturday morning we woke up to rain (it had been raining all of Friday), but the forecast promised the rain would move on and the sun would shine. While we did linger a bit longer than planned over the coffee at the hotel, we did not really alter our plans.
As the driver, I chose a route from Schaumburg to the Loop that had us cross the north side of the city on Irving Park — I enjoy those neighborhoods — and then drop south on Lake Shore Drive. We parked in the Millennium Parking Garage under the park/art institute. With Lalapalooza in town all weekend (3 days of concerts at Grant Park) all the garages were charging “event” prices, so picking one place and leaving the car there was the plan.
We spent a couple of hours playing in the park. The two places that engaged us the most were the bean and the fountain. Okay, I probably enjoyed the fountain the most of any of us — or maybe I’m just assuming that because I’m the one who had to take off my shoes and roll up my pant legs so I could splash around with all of the kids.
At noon we found seats in the shade near the stage and enjoyed a FREE jazz quintet (soprano sax with strings) concert before heading to lunch.
(I’ve got photos on my laptop which I’ll load on to another blog entry later — maybe even later today. This photo is from my phone and is already loaded on the home computer.)

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