Zinger Pull Chain Switch

I’m just stubborn enough that I will use a good bit of time in pursuit of fixing a thing that “should be” easy enough to fix.

More than a week ago Dad pulled the chain that controls the speed of the ceiling fan’s rotation and it broke off. He’s been living with “fan ON and stuck at medium” for all this time. Yesterday he carried the ladder in to see if he could attach the new chain he picked up at Wal-Mart only to discover that there was nothing to attach that chain to.
When I got up this morning, I thought I’d take a look myself and came to the same conclusion — this was going to take more than just a climb up the ladder to remedy.
I took apart what needed to be taken apart to get a better look at (what I now know is) the Zinger Pull Chain Switch. [The image is NOT the same switch…it is only a single switch and not a 4-wire, 3-way switch like I’ve bonded with on my Saturday.] It didn’t take too long to determine that we needed to find a replacement switch.
And it certainly did not take any arm twisting to add Lowe’s to Saturday’s produce market and library list of errands. I had a few things I wanted to get “next time I’m at a Lowe’s or Home Depot” so the agenda for our hot and humid August morning was quickly set.
The very (very, very) helpful staff at Lowe’s quickly found the replacement part of us and we were on our way. [I’m wondering if they’re putting customer service on steroids there — we were warmly and happily approached by no less than 5 staff in our time there, all wanting to be so helpful and encouraging — wondering if we’re working on any projects that we’d like help on. I should have invited one of them home immediately.]

Once home, I read the instructions (try not to pass out) and headed back up the ladder with confidence.
An hour later, I’m admitting that this not going to be one of those project about which I wonder “why did I put that off for so long” because it turns out to be much easier than I’d thought.
I “think” that the switch I purchased is faulty — but really how would I know that. I’ll pick up another on the way home from church tomorrow. I’m not driving 25 miles round trip to potentially fail again. [You can see how my attitude has shifted from “DIY QUEEN of the UNIVERSE” to “Where is Andrew or any of the other (very handsome) handyman types from HGTV or DIY or any other network for that matter??”]
For now, I think I’ll plant a plant in a pot and then take a nap. I’m very good at both of those activities.

3 thoughts on “Zinger Pull Chain Switch

  1. Ruth Hubbard says:

    Well, I picked up a second switch at Home Depot today and installed it. Part of that process went better than it did yesterday — but there were complications. I'm pretty sure I could master it on the third try (I hear it's a charm), but have settled. Shoved all the parts and wires back into the space that is barely big enough for it all and reconnected everything. Lights work. Fan works on off or low. It is now a one speed fan. Oh well.

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