Immersion or Sprinkling?

If you’ve been to Millennium Park in Chicago, you might recognize this fountain/art. This is one of two box buildings from which water gushes and which emit images of faces. (Inadequate description. Sorry.)

When I was there this month with Tammy, Julie and Sandy (who took the photo — thanks for sharing), I had an urge to stand under the falling water. It was, I suspect, somewhat motivated by the temperatures — but not entirely.
I had excuses both times we were near this installation — spending the day in soaking wet clothes as the first and not wanting to get our borrowed car wet was the second. So, instead of taking the plunge, as it were, I stood close by the falling water and imagined what it might be light to take that last step back.
Maybe it was the responsible thing to do. Still, I wonder what it would be like to stand, drenched to the skin.
I’m not sure if I’m regretting having missed the experience or regretting having not overcome the excuses more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do know that I have (as John Ortberg would say it) stepped out of the boat on occasion — but I also know that my natural tendency is to do the safe thing. To stay dry. To keep my arms and legs inside the vehicle and my seatbelt fastened.
Maybe next time I visit the Windy City I will get a chance to submit myself to this baptism and will not hesitate.

One thought on “Immersion or Sprinkling?

  1. Aileen - Step In says:

    oh ruth…
    i could have written the exact same blog entry after my visit to the park.
    i didn't even go in and wet my feet — worried about what people would think … this girl all alone playing in the water. i just sat on the sides watching everyone else, thinking how fun it was… pretending with myself that i was content just watching. But really really wishing and wanting to get in and play too.

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