There is a very good reason that these critters have their own “reality” television show — they are adorable and, unlike most zoo animals that seem to be bored beyond words with the humans who trail past every day, these guys seem quite engaged. They may not be. That’s not the issue. They give every appearance to be totally enthralled with whatever you might be saying or doing.

I’d only seen them on the commercials for the Meerkat Manor show — but after having seen them at the Lincoln Park Zoo recently, I may become a fan. Not of the show — of the animal.

I say that knowing full well that this is why I am more of a dog person than a cat person. I respond better to the “you’re here! oh, I’ve waited all day for you to return!! you smell great and i love you and can we just hang out and…you’re here!!” of a canine companion than I do to the “you’re back? hmmmm. I’d not noticed that you left. Well, it’s about time. I’m hungry. You do know how to open those cans, don’t you? OR should I call someone else?” of a feline.

2 thoughts on “Meerkats

  1. Journeyman says:

    In the UK Meerkats have hit the heights of fame through – it's a commercial. Start with and then move onto

    Also available on Twitter

    Of course there is an interesting study on viral communications in here, but it's Friday so am doing my best to avoid thinking.

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