1st Day of School Photo

Scott and Cat serve with Youth For Christ in Asia — they live in Thailand. This year when their three youngest (handsome young men in the photo) went back to school, their oldest was in the States preparing to start University. For the traditional back-to-school family photo, she Skyped in. You can see her there on the laptop screen.

I’ve got a number of friends who have sent their first-born sons and daughters off to University in the past year or two. Many of them have sent back to the States while they continue to live and serve hither and yon around the globe. I’ve found myself praying more for MK’s and their parents for these past few seasons because their reality is closer to me than it has been in the past, I guess.

The technology we have today (Vonage phones, Skype, Facebook, etc) makes all of this less of a relational disruption than in the past, but it’s not without cost.

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