August Rush

I watched August Rush tonight. I picked it up at the library last weekend mostly because it looked like it might be interesting and, well, when it’s free it’s easier to take a risk on a movie that you might turn off in 10 minutes.

I did not turn it off. In fact, I watched it and then hopped on iTunes and downloaded the CD (not the soundtrack, the “music from” one).

I’m not going to try to tell you that the story is anything but predictable. From the opening stanza I knew where this had to go. The thing is, this story isn’t about the what and what — and it’s only barely about the who. This movie is about the mystical something that we call music. And yet the moment we name it, it has slipped into a new thing that we can’t quite put our finger on.

I found the movie to be affirming. Life-giving. Bright. True. And at had a good beat; you can dance to it. You almost have to dance to it.

At least that’s how I hear it.

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