trying a new look

Blogger provides basic templates for their free blog service. Others create blog templates (more are created for WordPress than Blogger, from what I can tell) that they let people use (in exchange for a link to their websites and blogs OR for a price). I’ve found a few that I like a lot, but that require more HTML or XML skills than I even dream of having. The one I’ve used most recenlty is nice, but…maybe I just got bored with it. I’ve saved it incase I want to put it back.

I’ve resorted to one of the most basic templates that Blogger offers. I’m trying to add a header that I created in Photoshop (I’ve done that before) but is not cooperating. So, since the direct approach isn’t working, I’m going to place the image here and then link to it from the header form. Maybe that will work. Maybe.

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