Because I Twitter

I found out that there is an iPhone app I want with Fantasy Football season beginning this weekend. Thanks to Bycemaster who tweeted “@Ruthhubbard hey, did you see that there is a free app to track your yahoo fantasy team up in the app store?”

I was reminded that Northland’s NOW gathering began this week — and found out that I could view via the web if that was an option that worked for me when vrain tweeted “Join us online at Northland at 7PM for the launch of NOW! Web or iPhone”

I discovered that briggzay is not only dealing with a bit of a plague in his office, but has a sense of humor about. He tweeted, “my office has become a den of fruit fly iniquity. calling in the swat team.”

I also know that Kouya has a new phone, jlhufford’s son had a good first day at kindergarten, threadless was selling all of their T’s for $9 each yesterday and Relevant mag was selling 1-year subscriptions to their mag for $9.99 for that one day only.

Do I need to know these things? Maybe not. Couldn’t I find them out in different ways? Some of them…but some of them, no. Kouya lives in the UK and briggzay is from the Chicago area, for example.

The point isn’t really the information — or at least not the information alone. It is about the relationships. I know some people view these relationships on Twitter and Facebook as “fake.” I’m not going to argue. I’ll also choose to not be swayed by the nay sayers.

I’m glad that I know that my friends (abudigan and his non-twittering wife) will have a/c installed today and that Joy_B has some shopping to do before the baby arrives. I happened to hear these things via Twitter this morning and last night. I could have heard them at the office later today — but may have miss those conversations because, well, the Wycliffe USA Board is gathering and we’re all hands on deck for that.

Those who follow me on Twitter know that I’m looking at migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress. And now, you know too.

[Word Press has some features which I like and I’m trying to determine whether it’s worth the work. The literal migration itself is automated and, actually, I’ve already pushed the button. But there are things that don’t move (some embedded video) and there is a learning curve on the software. For the moment, I’m still a blogger.]

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