Generations and Television

Help me make some lists. Really. It will be fun.

Think about this: what television show would you select for each of the generations living today as the one which most influenced that generation’s relationship ideal? Work with me to identify a set of television series that would fit into this role of influence, will you?

First, a reminder of the four youngest generations living today:

The Baby Boomer Generation is the generation that was born during WW2 through the 50’s — a time that was marked by a dramatic growth in birthrates worldwide. This is the generation that morphed into the counterculture of the 60’s we now often refer to as hippies.

GenX is the generation born post-boomer, beginning in the early 60’s through the 70’s. Some refer to this generation as Baby Busters or even the Reagan Generation.

GenX is followed by Generation Y — also known as the Millennials — born beginning in the late 80’s into the early 90’s.

Then next Generation is, at least for the time being, Generation Z and they were born beginning in the early 90’s through now-ish.

To may your ideas easy to share in the COMMENTS, I’ll list the four generations here so you can copy and paste it:

  1. Baby Boomers
  2. GenX
  3. Millenials
  4. Generation Z

I look forward to your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Generations and Television

  1. Anne Hudson says:

    Not sure if it’s Baby Boomer or Gen X, but The Cosby show defined for many people what relationships could be like in a family!

  2. ruthhubbard says:

    FROM jlhufford via Twitter at 21:51 Sunday night: Leave it to Beaver, Cosby Show, Full House, 90210, Friends, and for Gen Y- the Bachelor? yikes. very scary.

  3. ruthhubbard says:

    Adding these so I don’t and long before I’m settled on which generation these most illustrate or influenced:

    0.Builders – Ozzie & Harriet; Leave it to Beaver
    1.Baby Boomers – The Brady Bunch; ALl in the Family
    2.GenX – The Cosby Show; Rosanne; 8 is Enough;
    3.Millenials – Seventh Heaven; Sex in the City;
    4.Generation Z – Big Brother

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