“I ‘heart’ Wycliffe USA’s Board”

Ruth Hubbard and Brenda Salter McNeilWhile some of you were sleeping in on Saturday morning, I was attending the semi-annual meeting of Wycliffe USA’s Board of Directors. In my role with Wycliffe, I support the board as one who reports to the President (the Board’s only employee).

I was Twitter-Gushing a bit during the meetings, so if you follow me there or on Facebook you already know that I’m quite fond of the Board as a group and of the individuals on the Board as brothers and sisters in the faith.

Truly, Wycliffe is blessed to enjoy the leadership of these individuals who follow hard after God’s heart and mind. I am stretched by their good thinking and encouraged by their graciousness and challenged by their ¬†humility.

Wycliffe’s newest board member (this was her second meeting in the role) is Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil. She is a champion within the Church (and please don’t confused walled structures with this priesthood of all believers) of reconciliation. One of the bonuses for me both personally and professionally as I support the board is the opportunity to learn from people like Brenda.

If you want to see for yourself the kinds of things she’s thinking and doing, check out Salter McNeil & Associates’ website and, while you’re there, read some of the posting of the Associate Blogs. (The graphic image below should work as a link to the site.)

salter mcneil & associates, llc

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