4 thoughts on “New Prayer Cards

  1. aileen says:

    will you mail to Manila?? 🙂
    Seriously though. I do want one (or two or three 🙂 hehehe)
    If you like, you can mail it to my parents’ house and they can mail it to me (along with any other mail i might have at home).
    Love the video. 🙂 LOVE YOU!! 🙂

    • ruthhubbard says:

      Of course I’ll mail to Manila. Email me the best snail mail address to use, okay? Funny how I have a few ways to get ahold of you that all work pretty well — and I could get on a plane and fly to Manila and take a taxi to your office knowing what I know — but I don’t have your physical address. Or do I? If it’s on your newsletters, then I have it and just haven’t paid attention to it.

  2. Jenny B. says:

    Love the cards … and love reading your blog. Twenty-nine years after ZCHS and you’re still looking great and fulfilling your life’s passion … very cool.

    Jenny (Alexander)

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