Outsourcing Our Story

cooking_pot_flavor_burst_chef_catering_business_ca_business_card-p240973886453082888t5s9_400Strange things happen sometimes when I find my interior worlds colliding. When the part of me that ponders and wonders and creates has more than one mental burner fired up, sometimes things from one boiling pot get mixed in with things from another unintentionally (or at least not in my plan) and it’s crazy.

It is kind of like the chocolate bar meets peanut butter television commercials when Reese Cups were introduced to the market.

One of those collisions has me asking whether we’ve experienced/become a generation that has too easily and even too enthusiastically outsourced the telling of our own story.

This is all new in my brain and my own thoughts on it are yet quite unclear — but I think a symptom of this is our tendency to talk more about the movies and television we have watched and the computer generated games we have played than our living. (And don’t get all defensive on me — I love great movies and television and would probably enjoy the games if I let myself go there. That’s not the point.)

Anyhow. Wondering where this is going and why it is so loud inside my head lately.

3 thoughts on “Outsourcing Our Story

    • ruthhubbard says:

      Ask, and you shall receive. Well, sometimes anyhow. I just changed the setting that I beleive was making the RSS feed only the first however many words rather than the whole deal. Let me know if that didn’t work and I’ll try again…

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