Running to Keep Up


When I left Mounds View this morning at 5 AM to make my 7 AM flight from MSP to MCO (Twin Cities to Orlando) it was 53 degrees and almost blustery in the north country. By the time I was at the curb and climbing into the Jeep here in central Florida, the sun was hot and air was moderately thick with humidity and I was wondering what I’d been thinking when I put the sweatshirt on for the trip home.

The hours in between those two weather awarenesses I spent gearing up for what promises to be a busy next 10 days. So busy that I’m not sure I’ll get much homecoming reflecting done via blog. I’d share photos, but I didn’t take many. Too busy being there and seeing people to take photos of it. The short summary review of the weekend: better than I’d anticipated + challenging in ways I’d not expected + full of surprises + what I’d imagined. Yes, all of that.

At the end of the three days on campus I will say that I’m more thankful than ever for the years I spent there in the early 80’s and the investment that others in that place made in my life. I am also more enthusiastic than ever about Bethel University and it’s not just because they gave me a free window decal. And the true highlights of the weekend were the PEOPLE who I had a chance to talk with after so many years.

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