What do YOU do?

0004613…when you realize that you just are not going to get everything done that you’ve decided needs to be done?


Sometimes I curl up in a ball and give up on the whole TO DO list and hope it all goes away.

Other times I put my head down and keep plugging away, hoping for the best. With this strategy I sometimes stop long enough to prioritize the list so at least the things left undone are not as important as the things accomplished. Other times I create cycles of tasks so I have to finish one I either don’t enjoy so much or find more difficult than others before I can launch into something I really enjoy or I can do while also watching a favorite movie or talking on the phone.

On occasion, I ask for help. Funny how I can be less good at that when I need it most than I am most of the time. Anyone else have that issue?  Is this, at the core, simply pride?  Probably. I tell myself that I just don’t want to bother people.

Often the impossible list is impossible because there are things on it that don’t need to be there.  Like…next weekend we’re scheduled to paint the exterior of the house. I’ve written about that in the past. I’ve got a list of things that must be done (pressure wash the house is one of those that is already checked off the list) and the list has some things one it that I probably should just remove.  Like, really, I don’t HAVE to get the flower beds weeded before we paint. I’d rather people not see my weeds, though. I mean, what will they think if they know that I have weeds in my yard (or dust on my furniture or cob webs in corners). Yeah, you get the picture.

Working on my list this afternoon and, in that process, working to make it a good list and not a crazy lady list that will have me grinding my teeth in my sleep and foraging for M&M’s between the sofa cushions.

One thought on “What do YOU do?

  1. Russ says:

    Ahhh, today was a no list day, unless dealing with the 70 new emails constitutes a list of 70. In that case, I got most of my list done. Read my tweeps, but didn’t tweet. Made an obligatory run to Home Depot because a weekend is not a weekend if it doesn’t include Lowes or Home Depot.

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