Cootie wants to come to work with me

IMG_0161Okay, the truth is, Cootie wants to go anywhere with any of “her” humans. This week she tried to convince me that she could come into to office with me if she just borrowed my dad’s Wycliffe Associates badge and wore it with the face not showing. She could volunteer as my office guard or host. (Trust me, she’d be a better host than guard.)

As much as I like the idea personally — and even though I think I could get a few people to join me in this type of venture (bring your dog to work day, for example) — I quickly declared that she was needed at home to keep the geckos from coming in and taking over the universe. She seemed to agree with me that they do pose a significant threat.

One thought on “Cootie wants to come to work with me

  1. Russ says:

    The office has geckos too which need controlling. You bring Cootie; I’ll bring Kali; and we’ll never get any work done! But we’ll have a stinkin’ good time not doing it.

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