-opolyThe gift shop at Spring Mill Inn near Mitchell, Indiana where I was for the women’s retreat weekend before last was selling a variety of’OPOLY games: Dog-opoly, Farm-opoly, Cat-opoly, Garden-opoly, Bird-opoly. Rather disturbing, really. I was never a huge fan of the City-opoly and University-opoly versions that were marketed a couple of decades ago, so it’s not surprise that these don’t do much for me.

Still, had the price tag been significantly less, I might have been temped to purchase the Farm-opoly one as a special gift.

And, well, then I started daydreaming about what Wycliffe-opoly would look like. Instead of Railroads, we’d have JAARS hangers maybe. Instead of properties, there could be various organizational headquarters and translation centers maybe. What would jail be?  And the Community Chest, would it be the church that financially supports…or would that be the bank and Community Chest would be a missions conference of some sorts.

As you can see, I totally understand why people dream up these feline-opoly versions, I just don’t see how they convinced someone that it would be profitable to manufacture and market them.

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