French Grey with White Trim

Mark Borland and Jennifer Perez finishing up the front trim.

Mark Borland and Jennifer Perez finishing up the front trim.

Today a number of friends donated a chunk of their Saturday to help paint my house. We started around 8 and were finished around 3 — and took a reasonable lunch break at noon.  Yipee!!

The house was in great need. When we built it in 2002 the builder did not do a very good job with the painting — a fact that revealed itself in the 2004 hurricane season when water leaked through the walls in many of the houses in the neighborhood (yes, inclining ours).  That next summer I bought 5 gallons of paint and rolled a coat onto 3 sides of the house in an attempt to keep history from repeating itself. (I know now that my technique was less than adequate. I knew then that I was not doing a great job with the project.)

When I recognized that this is the year I needed to invest in putting REAL paint on in a REAL way, I expected to have to hire it done. I began investigating — asking people who they’d recommend.

Eventually I found a colleague who has done house painting to earn supplemental income but who no longer does it — and he was willing to both coach me in the house prep and to be the foreman for the volunteer crew today. WHAT A BLESSING!

And then…people showed up and helped! They brought ladders and rollers. They did all sorts of back-breaking, arm-stretching crazy work. They climbed high and stooped low. And it was a great day.

Hands down, the most adorable (and best dressed) of all the painting volunteers!

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