hacky sack technology

Intersection, Integration, Invitation

Intersection, Integration, Invitation

I had a meeting in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Lab a couple of days ago. Jon Shuler was working in that common space at the time. (His headphones protected him from our blathering and ranting and all the other noise of “meetings.”)

As I was leaving, I stopped by to say hey. There was Jon surrounded by technology which he was using to create art that communicates. This is what he does as a photo journalist/blogger/videographers.

I was momentarily distracted by the various digital wonder-machines (let’s face it, technology is crazy cool) and then I saw it. You can too — right there propping up his Mac. Hacky Sack.

When I asked about it, Jon replied “it works.”

Duh. It works.

So I got to thinking later — when I was looking at this photo I took with my cool technology iPhone — where do we try to use hacky sacks and duck tape but those things are not working well because we are afraid of or to cheap to invest in the technology that we need to do what we are trying to do? AND…where are we investing in the latest whach-a-ma-hoogie where the hacky sack would actually work just as well (if not better)?

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