BeanBoozled from Jelly Belly’s

I subscribe to a daily email from Hungry Girl. Most of the time it is filled with helpful information about various foods available from the grocery store or any one of many eating establishments. Today’s edition had a few atypical articles including one on a new line of Jelly Belly candies. I’ll include the entire text here :


“WARNING! The jelly beans you are about to consume may be highly disgusting. Be a little wary if your prankster friend hands you a tin of jelly beans — you could get BEANBOOZLED. Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled candies come in twenty flavors… but only ten colors. Each color has a good-tasting version (like Chocolate Pudding) and a bad-tasting version (like Canned Dog Food). You can personalize tins and include one color or the full array. Why do it? Who knows. People are weird. We just know that if any Rotten Egg flavored beans end up in our office, there’s gonna be trouble. Click here to see all the flavors — the good AND the gross. Each bean clocks in at 4 calories. P.S. Rumor has it, the formula for the Barf flavor is based on Jelly Belly’s failed attempts at making a pepperoni pizza flavor back in the day…”

5 thoughts on “BeanBoozled from Jelly Belly’s

  1. ruthhubbard says:

    These seem to be a re-marketing of the Harry Potter inspired ones they offered a few years ago (probably with the release of the first movie?). I’ve had those.

  2. thosewinklers says:

    Ha ha — that’s great. We went to the Jelly Belly factory once, and they had a whole slew of gross/ odd flavors that still give me flashbacks — Baby Powder, Dirty Diaper, etc.


  3. jennifer perez says:

    I love snacking on things at the office but if I see these I will stay far away from them. Well, curiosity may get the better of me…

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