Get in the Game

gic-header-logoAround the edges of all that is going on in Orlando this week I am getting prepared to travel to Indiana (yes, again) where I will participate in Faith Church’s Global Impact Conference, inviting people to Get in the Game.

I think it’s about time for me to STOP adding things to my list to put together or create or figure out and just finish all of the things I’ve started. It’s just that it has been a while since I’ve done the “featured missionary” gig and I can too easily go overboard with preparing OR not give it enough thought because I communicate about Wycliffe and Bible translation all the time and this is just more of the same. Neither serves anyone very well.

So, I’m putting this into words in a blog as a way to stop the madness as well as a way to clarify my intent this week to do what I need to do.

For those of you who read this who are also among those who pray for me — pray that I will strike a balance this week. The conference at Faith is one of many things that are competing for space inside my head right now and I am having a bit of a challenge focusing.


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