A Week of Giving Thanks – SUNDAY

This week I am expressing some of my thankfulness via my Facebook status. I decided to use my blog to put some explanatory skin on those bones.

SUNDAY: I am thankful

…for (even imperfect and occasionally tempermental) telecommunications technology,

…for plants in pots on the patio,

…for microwave popcorn, and

…for white lights on a string.

Just after I got home from church/lunch today I called my friend Charlene who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. (Hey…keep reading. In just a sentence or two you’ll get to the part about this beauty of a black snake who lives in my back yard. I promise.) It’s been a while since we’ve had a gab-fest and we were both ready. If you listened in to our conversation, you’d find that at least 50% of it is rather insignificant as far as conversations go. We talked about things like the black snake that was apparently rather annoyed that I was in her (okay, I’m guessing on the snake’s gender) space today. The thing is, the insignifiant parts are significant in that they are part of the wholeness of a relationship that is about all of life and not just a slice or two. (Sorry, that’s all about the snake. She really wasn’t the main thing at all…but I had to share the photo. I’ve seen her so often and never have a camera in my hand when I do.)

While I was chatting, I did do a bit of patio garden maintenance. I love that I can keep my plants as happy as, well, happy plants on the patio most every week of the year here. (Some of them I do bring in for the hottest months of summer and I bring ALL of them inside when there is threat of freeze.) I could spend time and money every week buying new little plants and bags of Miracle Grow potting soil and pots — it really is that fun for me.

After an afternoon of a bunch of little projects around the house and the phone chat, I sat down to watch MONK from a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed some (fake) sweet tea and microwave popcorn as an evening snack. I won’t deny that I prefer “real” sweet tea (with more sugar in it than anyone should consume in a beverage but no more than most good traditional southerers are used to) and “real” popcorn (popped in a pan on top of the stove in corn oil and with just a wee bit of butter and salt on it).

Now I’m sitting here in the family room updating my blog, checking Facebook and loving the white lights on the patio that I hung there more than six years ago and which are not only still hanging, but also still illuminating the night. I suppose I purchased them in boxes that claimed that they are Christmas lights, but I’ve expanded their role to year-round.

So, one of my pet peeves (especially around Thanksgiving) is that people talk about thankfulness, but don’t remember that the point really isn’t the what or the why, it’s the WHO. Thanksgiving was not established so we could tell each other “thank you” or so we could have a day filled with happy thoughts.

And I am thankful for things, but I’m mostly thankful that God consistently, graciously, and generously cares for me in ways that are sometimes run-of-the-mill (like microwave popcorn) and sometimes rather amazing (like long phone calls that cross seven times zones and an ocean).

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