A Week of Giving Thanks – Tuesday

TUESDAY: Thankful for the training, resource, and accountability God provides through Bible Study Fellowship (aka BSF). God’s Word is amazing!

This is my seventh year in BSF — in a few months I will be working through lessons I had the first months I was in this study. I’m pretty sure that I won’t find myself frustrated by the redundancy.

First of all, that was seven years ago.

Secondly, I was a bit distracted in those first months by all of the structure and rules. It took me a while to grow into trusting the system and seeing most of the structure as positive and rest of it as tolerable.

Thirdly, we’re talking the Word of God. Just a few samples to remind myself just how good, good, good it is to have access to God’s Word in a language that I’ve spoken since I could speak and in a format that is perfectly suited to me. In fact, I have access to multiple formats and various versions.

If the Word of God was coffee (and it’s not, but stick with me) then some people would not have any coffee to drink at all. Nada. Others would only have instant stuff with fake creamer and no sugar. Those of us who speak English — we’ve got a Starbucks on every corner, a French press at the office, and a one-cup-at-a-time Keurig on the kitchen counter. We can have it hot or iced, blended or brewed, dripped or pressed, flavored, foamed, frothed or fruity.

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