A Week of Giving Thanks – Wednesday

WEDNESDAY: Thankful for the ways that God reveals Himself to me through people and the stories they tell — and loving the opportunities to hear those stories through blogs.

WEDNESDAY: Thankful for human ingenuity, creativity, and perseverance often demonstrated in simple inventions of things like alternative light solutions.

It’s no secret that Kenya’s rivers are running dry as a result of forest destruction and environmental degradation which has led to a season of blackouts in the capital city Nairobi.

WEDNESDAY: Thankful for insight about the deeper things of life as expressed through stories of rather ordinary things like ladders and lights…shared by Aileen Agoncillo

Oh, today was a VERY, VERY FUN day at work!!!!It was Dawn’s birthday on Monday. Kenji’s birthday was last month while he was away.So, today we celebrated the two of them with a surprise birthday party.Balloons, party hats, food and CAKE! …

WEDNESDAY: Thankful for the wonder and grace of God expressed through children… like Acacia and shared by Sarah Schuhin their blog.


Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I plopped down my Bible and bags right inside the front door as we walked in from our morning at church. Trevor wasn’t feeling well and I was just plain tired so all we wanted …

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