A Week of Giving Thanks: Friday

FRIDAY: I’m thankful for a delightful Thanksgiving afternoon with Dick & Nadine, their daughter Deanna and her family, Joe & Phyllis, my dad, George and his daughter Esther. Oh, and the adorable Brie.

Nadine has invited us to join them for Thanksgiving every year that we’ve lived here and we’ve gone every year that we have not traveled to Nebraska to be with Mom’s brothers and the rest of the family in those parts of the country. We love Thanksgiving at Clark’s house.  Their family who come from Atlanta have come every year and we like them a whole bunch, too. It feels a good bit like being with family for us.

And then there have always been others and those others change from year to year.  Always fun to see who is coming.

This year we sang our thanks using the traditional hymn “We Gather Together.” Nadine had done some research on-line about the song and had Nicole (her grand-daughter who is a teacher) share those findings. Always interesting to hear where something comes from.

Anyhow, the food was fantastic. A favorite again this year was the squash soup that was made from Hubbard Squash and carmelized ginger that Dick grew in their yard. Wowza!

[I found this photo on Flickr and nabbed it to use as “illustration” but forgot to also grab the info about the photographer. Intended to do that. Sorry to not be able to point you to their collection for more.]

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