‘Tis the Season

“Busy” seems to either make me blog more (because it’s the space and way I process and keep track and stay human) or blog less (because I don’t have the capacity to put my random thoughts together, probably because I’m spending so much of my time putting other random thoughts together). This “holiday” plus “URBANA” plus “Global Impact Conference” plus “all the regular stuff” season (November-December) has been mostly the later kind of busy.

I’m not complaining about being busy — it’s a good thing when it comes in phases and waves and is about real stuff — I’m just saying that’s where I’ve been.

Besides that, I’ve found that people are not as much on line reading blogs and checking Facebook when there are so many other things going on around the holidays. Until December 26 or so when it all slows down a bit. By then, I’ll be in St. Louis at URBANA.

So…that’s what’s going on with me and where I am and all that. That’s why most of my recent posts have been almost total cut and paste blogs.


LINK to Wycliffe@URBANA'09 on FacebookIf you want to follow along with what’s happening at URBANA, let me suggest that Facebook is the space for that. CLick the image to the left check out the public Facebook page for Wycliffe@URBANA’09. We’ll be posting images here throughout the week.

In addition, there is a site I’ve already written about for those who are praying for Wycliffe’s team serving at URBANA’09 which you can read about under the PRAY OP tab and by searching URBANA on this blog (you won’t find too much, actually) or at the PRAYING FOR WYCLIFFE@URBANA’09 Facebook site. As we draw closer to the event and then through out the event, the best way to get real-time prayer updates is through Twitter. If you Tweet, you can follow us at WycliffeURBANA for those updates.

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