I used to love Calvin & Hobbs

Recently my heart has been won over by a little boy named Wes who lives in Georgia with his family. His mom is one of my former students who I stalk on Facebook with some regularity — in part because she’s there posting things and in part because what she posts is often quite amusing.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about her Facebook status updates at least once before.

Yesterday she shared a snippet of commentary by Wes as she often does. I’ll simply share it here for your enjoyment:

random wes quote today: mommy, it’s very foggy outside! i wish i could fly. i would fly to the sky to God, i would kiss him, fly back to the car, and put the window up. And did u know that w/o a spaceship, you could lose your pants.

[Oh, and I turned on the “let it snow” special feature that WordPress offers for a few weeks this time of year. If I find it more annoying than fun, I may turn it off before it goes off automatically early in January. Still, this is pretty easy snow to deal with — it’s not cold and I don’t have to shovel it.]

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