Bring It!!

Next week at this time…

…I’ll be in St. Louis preparing, along with the rest of the team, for URBANA’09. The forecast calls for “winter” — which is to be expected since it is winter.  As of today, I’m ready for those temps in the teens that we’ll likely encounter on our walks home at night at least.

Wool socks. That was high on my list of things to add to my Florida wardrobe.

While the critical parts of preparation didn’t have anything to do with wool or down or fleece, those things will all contribute to my ability to endure. Those things and the Airbourne I purchased today. Okay, I bought the Target brand —  but the ingredients appear to be the same. Seemed like a good idea.

So, tonight I’m looking at the probable temps on for St. Louis and I’m laughing with confidence: BRING IT ON!!  We’ll see if I’m so cocky when I’m actually in the midst of the frozen midwestern U.S. rather than the “hardly ever frozen unless you’re talking about a beverage” central Florida.

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