Capturing the African voice

“CNN’s Becky Anderson catches up with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who is one of the hottest talents in African literature today.”

Of all the things I blogged this past year or so, the video I posted of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has received the most random attention. It is, therefore, the most popular of all my blog posts. Of course, that is popularity only in terms of pure popularity — that which has gotten the most attention from anyone who has paid any attention.

That means that if I’m going to go after attention measured in this every easy way to measure (thanks to WordPress Blog Stats), I must find more popular things to write about and post those thoughts.

That, however, is not why I blog.

I know it’s hard for some to understand how this is true, but blogging for me is more about conversation than it is about attention — though I do confess quickly that there are some posts which might be used by the council for the prosecution.

Why am I posting another video (actually a LINK to the video — click the quote at the top of this entry — it is a live link) featuring this woman who is, according to CNN’s Becky Anderson, one of the hottest talents in African literature today? Isn’t this a bid for more attention after all? I share this because I find her insights both interesting and inspiring. Because I believe that STORY is a most powerful thing and we all must be students of story and because I have found her to be a rather glorious teacher after all.

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