URBANA’09 Scribble (LiveBlog) may be FUN to watch!

According to Barney Lin (InterVarsity staffer from Chicago area) “This Scribble-Live helps cover all things Urbana09 in the social sphere. Air reactions to talks memorable sound-byte quotes (or paragraphs!), comments on seminars, questions & thoughts, share links & resources, post up pictures and help cover the largest student missions conference in North America!

The 20,000+ attendees physically at Urbana are just the tip of the iceberg. Around the world thousands of people are watching, praying, giving and engaging as general sessions are uploaded to Urbana09.org within hours after each session is over, and as they are now able (for the first time in Urbana history) to interact live with attendees thanks to the developments of social media.”

It’s a chance, for instance, for those of you (of whom there are many) who are not interested in creating a Twitter profile and who don’t want to get yourselves tangled up one more thing you feel like you have to maintain — BUT you would like to have a nearly front row view of this particular event: URBANA’09. This web-based blog is populated from a variety of social media sources — blogs, tweets, etc. It will be collected in on place for you eavesdropping pleasure. I think you’ll be encouraged! And amused at times. And moved to pray.

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