Another great date. (And for those of you who just fainted, I’m talking about the title of the post which is also today’s date…)

What is it about number patterns that I like?  I think (okay, I know) it’s more about the visual than anything truly numeric. I’m like that with some words, too. Like I really have enjoyed “egg nog” this year even though I’ve not had it more than once as a beverage this season. It’s all those g’s in a row. I love them.

I am, admittedly, a bit of a font fanatic. Not like I used to be when my vocation required me to be more intimately connected with typeface trends as well as their strengths/weaknesses. Now it’s more of a hobby.

There are quizzes out there that let you determine “What Font Are You?” — like the one from PBS which says that I am TIMES NEW ROMAN (and then describes me as one who, like Times New Roman, is called by some “timeless” or “snob” — but either way, I’m supposedly a class act all around. Then it tells me to not take myself too seriously. Hmmm. Is this because I checked the “symphony” box?  Whatever.

Fast Company offers a much cooler quiz that answers this question and of course I came out a different font on it. As usual, though, I wanted to go back and change specific answers to get the result I wanted instead of the one I got. What’s up with that? (No answer necessary.)  I tweeted about this quiz a few days ago: Oh, for FONT GEEKS like me, this is a delicious diversion!! RT @fastcompany: What typeface are you? http://bit.ly/66SLaA

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