Haiti: How to know how/where to give

The text below is from an email I received from the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and provides simple and helpful information to help us determine how to give of our resources in the face of a crisis — sepcifically the earthquake this week in Haiti.

Because I wanted to respond quickly, I chose to give through World Vision. I didn’t need to research that choice and could, in literally minutes, find them on the web and make a donation with my credit card. You may have a desire to give toward a particular aspect of the care/recovery OR you may have an organization that you have heard about or particularly like which is collecting for Haiti Relief. ECFA’s accountability gives me a measure of confidence as I make a donation that the money will be used for the things that matter to me.


All of our hearts have been touched by the early reports of the devastation, including loss of life, as a result of the earthquake in Haiti.

This is an important opportunity for the Christ-centered community to pray and give generously.

Many organizations will raise money for this disaster — some of them will be legitimate and some will not be.  A host of donors will look to ECFA members as those that have been vetted and accountable to ECFA through an accreditation process.  ECFA has prepared a special link on our home page (www.ECFA.org) to direct potential donors to a list of organizations who are providing humanitarian relief and development aid to Haiti.  

Click here to link to ECFA members who are providing support to Haiti.

May God touch our hearts and cause us to reach out with prayer and financial support to those who need it so much!

See ECFA’s Press Release regarding members working in Haiti.

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