“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  –Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does it mean to walk as a child of the light?  To reflect the very light of the glory of God?

In my studies of art and design I learned a good bit about light and color — learned that light is made up of a spectrum of color. Darkness is the complete absence of light.  A partial display of the spectrum will show as a color. Light is present in the partial colored light — but it is perfectly present in the brilliant white light that is complete.

Much of the light we shine in our living is limited and therefore partial.  But it is light. And all light is God’s light whether the bearer knows it or acknowledges it or not.

This is the stuff knocking around inside my head as I consider the response of the Church to the trauma in Haiti. Thousands of people are trying to figure out how to shine light into that darkness.

This is the context from which I will head to First Baptist Church Orlando for the 19th annual Arthur “Pappy” Kennedy Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the Central Florida YMCA. This is an appropriate way to honor those who, like Kennedy, invested themselves in shining light.

(You can read about Mr. Kennedy in the sidebar to the right.)


I used AudioBoo to share a few moments from the event. You can listen here: audioBoo: “Pappy” Kennedy Prayer Breakfast in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Orlando.

I also Tweeted this: rdhubbard  Listening to Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders at MLK Day Prayer Breakfast. Delightful.

And updated my Facebook status with this: Ruth Hubbard When you are dancing with a bear, you can’t sit down just because you’re tired. You have to wait until the bear sits down. (Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders quoting her Bishop)

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