Feeding of the 16,000…in shifts at #URBANA09

Urbana attendees grabbed breakfast in their hotels, were “on their own” for lunch, and were fed at the Americas Center for supper — in shifts. Every person’s name tag had a supper shift/time printed on it so he or she knew when to get in line for the meal.  There could be a whole story in the evening meal adventure — but there is only one part of that story that I want to share today.

I missed the group supper on the first night, so it was the second night before I made it into the system. When we came through the line and entered the room (the one where we’d registered on the the first day) where we were escorted to the next available table, I was overwhelmed by the masses of eating humanity. We did some quick math and figured that the numbers eating in any given shift would be around 5,000. This photo is not showing the whole room — but it does show most of it. 5,000 people eating a meal.

It takes a lot of organizational skills and rather significant resource to pull something like that off and, even with a lot of planning, it can go badly while you work out the kinks.

Look at that crowd and imagine them all hungry instead of all fed and all you have in your hand is a Happy Meal and Jesus tells you to feed them. Really…what would you do?

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