10 in ’10

As an American, I am genetically predisposed to organize my life and thoughts into lists of 10. When my DNA encounters the cosmic coincidence of a year that can be abbreviated as ’10, production of more than the usual number of such lists is nearly unavoidable.

This is a list of ten things I’d like to do in ’10…and since it is already the second month of this year, I have given myself permission to have one of the things be something I’ve already done. These are not listed in order of priority, probability or purposefulness. They are also not in chronological or alphabetical order. To say that they are in “no order” would, however, be ridiculous. The fact that they are listed PUTS them into an order.

1. Ring in the NEW YEAR @ URBANA. This is the one that is already checked off the list.

2. Enter & complete a 5K Walk/Run. I know that it might seem more list-worthy to say “run a marathon” but for the things on this list that are more about commitment and dedication than they are about planning and opportunity, I have to be realistic in the reach.

3. Travel to Siberia. I’ll be visiting friends — taking advantage of their temporary residency there as an opportunity to visit a new place. It will be MORE about visiting them than experiencing Siberia — but I’d be crazy to think that experiencing Siberia will be anything less than an adventure. I’ve never been to any part of Russia.

4. Start wearing reading glasses. The last time I got contacts, the doctor decided to put me in contacts that focus one for distance and one for close. Yeah, I’ve hated it. Long story — I thought I’d said NOT to do that — but in the end, I still don’t like it. More than a year should have been plenty of time to adjust. I have not adjusted. So, next Rx will be for distance and I’ll start wearing readers. I’ve earned it.

5. Reach my goal. Many of you are aware that I’ve been working on health issues — with cholesterol and weight being at the top of the list of things that needed attention. About 18 months ago I started participating with Weight Watchers. While I’ve had some marked success in the process, I’ve been hovering within about 5 pounds of the same weight for far too many months and need to get serious about finally reaching my goal. I’ve set a date by which I want to be to my target. This is part of my personal journey which I’ve not blogged about for various reasons, but it’s time I say this out loud and either do it or quit pretending.

6. Paint the front door of the house black. I just want to. I have the paint and just need to get it done. Throw caution to the wind.

7. Put my feet in the ocean on at least six different occasions. One down, five to go. And this is one which is really a lot more about getting myself to places where I am restored and energized with some consistency. It’s not about tan lines or salt-water so much as it is about the way that being surrounded by certain displays of God’s creativity and wonder and power in nature awaken in me something that otherwise lies dormant. Sleeping under the stars by a campfire, hiking on trails in the woods, sitting by a mountain stream, wandering with my camera through gardens…all of these fit the bill really.

8. Host some sort of gathering at my house at least quarterly. First one is on the calendar for March. I love having people around the house and creating an environment for relaxation and fun. For all sorts of reasons I’ve not done that as much in the past few years as I’d like. Some of this is about “busyness” and some of it is about…well, it’s about all the insecurities that most people have like not wanting to make people feel obligated to do something by inviting them to it. Like fear of rejection. And all the other stuff that paralyzes us when we’ve let our lives get too much compartmentalized and isolated.

9. Read more. Okay, that’s too ambiguous to be something I can check off a list. I’ll quantify it by saying that I want to read at least one book for pleasure and one book for professional development each month. That may sound like nothing to those of you who read a lot — but I generally do more of my developmental stuff through conferences and seminars and discussions that I do through books. And the reading for pleasure thing — that goes in cycles for me. It’s time to cycle back.

10. Make stuff. Okay, I’m not really crafty in the way some of you might think of crafts. Mostly I don’t like someone telling me how to make things — so Creative Memories party hosts cringe when they see me coming.  I need creative outlets that have low risk and quick turn around and lots of freedom to fail. This can actually be expressed in cooking and gardening as well as making stuff.

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