Super Bowl Commercials – where to find the reruns

I actually enjoyed the game last night as much as (maybe even more than ) the commercials. There are likely a number of reasons for that, starting with the fact that it was a good game and the commercials were B+ at best and D- more often than you’d imagine considering the budgets involved. In my opinion, a few get the big Twitter tag #FAIL.

If you missed some (and most of us missed SOME of the commercials), you can view them in a few places. Superbowlads.Fanhouse.Com was up and running during the game. This site is sponsored by Turbo Tax (timely) and lets you view them and see a “TOP TEN” list. It also includes lists from past years. It does not make it easy to SHARE or EMBED the videos onto your own blog or other social media sites. Too bad.

USA TODAY has a page with the ads and a way to vote on favorites and see your vote compared to the masses. I often don’t vote with the masses, apparently, and I’m quite okay with that. The videos are smaller than on the Fanhouse page. This one has ways to SHARE to Facebook and Twitter or to grab the URL of a specific commercial to email to someone.

Anyone find other sites that have better options/features?

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