Baby, baby.

Steve and Jacob in the Offices of the President @ Wycliffe USA in Orlando. (Try to resist comments about haircuts.)

I love that Jacob is in our office four days a week with his mom. I love that he comes to our morning prayer time and sometimes is more vocal than the rest of us combined. (Some days we run heavy on introverted non-morning people.) I love that he occasionally gets to hang out with me in my office when his mom needs to run a few errands in the building.

Part of this is simply because babies are adorable. Except for the times when they really don’t, they generally smell good. They make mostly good noises. They nap a lot.

Babies are also curious and expressive.  It is good for us to be reminded of the goodness of these things when our own busyness has sucked the curiosity right out of us and the only expression left on our faces is a sort of hybrid between cranky and exhausted.

In the name of efficiency, we often cleanse our work spaces of our own humanity. Babies are not efficient (well, in a few ways they are, but that’s going to take us down a road best left untraveled this morning); babies are very human. They require attention. They require affection. They require help.

Jacob helps me remember that not only do other humans fill the spaces in our office, I am human, too.

3 thoughts on “Baby, baby.

  1. jennifer perez says:

    Watching Steve walk to his cubicle with our office baby (sorry Joy) in tow was a beautiful thing that made me stop in my tracks this morning. Having Jacob around has been a wonderful thing indeed.

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