Metaphorically Baaa-ing

If you want to hear me “read” this blog post rather than have to read it yourself, you can click the word “listen” at the end of this sentence and you’ll be connected to an audio file of just that: Listen! You know that sometimes I just have to try things to see how they work and figure out whether they’re worth the effort (minimal, in this case) of doing them.

I am like a sheep.

Truth be told, the similarities are more numerous and more accurate than I want to admit. And please, before you get all finger-pointy with your head nodding in enthusiastic agreement, you need to face facts: you are like a sheep too.


It is not until I come to a place where I own my sheepityness, that I long for and love the Shepherd. In fact, I’ll think that I don’t need one.

I’m like that. Like a sheep. Baaa.

And, like a sheep, I tend to wander off in pursuit of greener grass or a quick nap. I follow butterflies.


I know my Shepherd by His voice. He knows my name. I am most content when His scent fills my nostrils. I am the most secure when I can hear his heart beating.

But sometimes I forget. I forget how much I need Him and love Him.



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