Hubbard’s Cupboard – the NEWSLETTER

A few times each year I write and publish a newsletter that updates my ministry partnership team on the things I’ve been doing and what’s ahead for me.  When I first started with Wycliffe in February 2002, my mailing list included about 100 households. Today my mailing list (the one that requires paper and stamps) is under 25. Everyone else receives PDF versions of the letter sent to them via email.

The print version gives me opportunity to stick other things in the envelope (this month is has been prayer cards) and to write personal notes.

The digital version is FAST and CHEAP. It also includes more information in the form of a couple more photographs (I used a “legal” size page for the digital version and a “letter” size version for the current printed one). It also usually includes live links (from the icons in the contact info section and, this issue, one of the photographs).

Those who are one the digital list will also receive more frequent updates from me. These come in one of two forms (usually): a simple text email with prayer requests/updates and a “postcard” update which is text with some sort of postcard image (which usually includes text, too).

So, this is what I’ve been doing around the edges this week. I suppose I could simply set aside a single day and do the whole thing at once, but doing a bit at a time over the course of a week usually ensures that the stories are a little tighter and there are a few less mistakes in the text.

One thought on “Hubbard’s Cupboard – the NEWSLETTER

  1. Phil says:

    I send a printed version of my newsletter with Christmas cards but that’s about it, otherwise it’s all pdf, with links and photos. I’m fortunate to have started with Wycliffe at a time when it was OK to say that I’ll send information by e-mail but I’m not going to post.

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