I *HEART* Olympic Hockey

Official Nike Team Canada Hockey Jersey 2010

Okay, every four years I become a moderately crazy fan person over at least a few winter sports played at the Olympics. I’m consistent about hockey and then usually surprised about whatever else catches my attention and imagination in any particular year.

A few years back (2 or 3 Olympics ago) I was combing ebay after the dust settled trying to find a hockey jersey at a price I was willing to pay. No luck.  Out of curiosity I did a search for the jerseys for this year and found that I can purchase an official jersey — the real deal — for $400 or a replica for $139. Yeah, right.

I watched Team USA (women) Sunday afternoon in their opening game against China. They beat them soundly (12-1). I was impressed with the Chinese team — especially the goalie. I expect that in another 4-8 years, China will be a contender. So, I’ll spend the whole week cheering for both Team USA and Team Canada. I may eventually “like” one better than the other. It could get messy before it’s over.

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