Filbert and Friends, TAKE 2

About a year ago, Filbert and his two friends came to live with me. I blogged about that and about these nutty (pun intended) friends.

Filbert has been my frequent travel companion and his buddies (Kluwak and Mac…full name, Macadamia) have stayed home.

Well, over the past few weeks they have been talking about being a little bored. They’ve explored all there is to explore here and are looking for a new adventure. This is not exactly a good thing for a bunch of creative, energetic mice left unattended.

Then a really crazy thing happened. Pistachio showed up. (He goes by ‘Stash.) He is Filbert’s brother and the family resemblence is almost freaky.

Stash got to talking with Kluwak and Mac about an idea he got while reading my blog, of all things. He was specifically reading this posting about Filbert’s visit to the Klotz home last year. I won’t give you all the details, but the three of them are hoping that Drew, Emily and Libby would possibly consider adoption. I told them I’d ask.

This is rather unconventional, and yet somewhat predictable.

2 thoughts on “Filbert and Friends, TAKE 2

  1. Andy-n-Deb-n-children says:

    Deb and I have talked to the children and they seem excited about adopting these little ones. Which one is Mac and which one is Kluwak? We are drawing a blank on Kluwak’s full name. Should we get 3 bus tickets or 4? Do you plan to travel with them, or plane tickets? Are you due for a trip to Indianapolis sometime soon? Just let us know and we will make the arrangements. We have used Bethany Christian Services for our previous adoptions. Let us know what paperwork will be required.

  2. ruthhubbard says:

    Mac is the silver one; Kluwak is the brown one.

    They’ll come via USPS and are quite excited about it. I’m probably not going to get up to Indy until at least summer myself.

    When I do come, we’ll plan on a home visit to see how they’re adjusting to their new home and family. I’m confident they will LOVE you all.

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