“Global Mediation”

I’m sitting on the phone — engaged in a Global Mediation via conference call. When Dad was rear-ended last Fall, the driver hit him and then took out a street sign and proceeded to total a manufactured home. It was ugly.

Unfortunately, the driver at fault had an insurance policy with a limit of reimbursement of $50k for property damage and there are claims of about $60k.  Thankfully, Nationwide (my insurance company) instructed me to have the Jeep repaired and they covered that expense except for my $500 deductable.

The Mediation is an attempt to get all claiments to agree to take less than our claim amount so that we can all avoid court. I really am a fan of mediation.

I’m not taking anyone to court, no matter how this comes out. The $500 deductable did not take bread off our table. Still, it seemed appropriate to show up for this conversation. 

Mostly I’m listening. The rep from Nationwide spoke up on my behalf already so mostly I’m just learning as I eaves drop with permission.

Fortunately I was able to call in and attend virtually so I could do a few small projects and am now blogging while the lawyers do math on their Blackberries. No kidding, that’s what they’re doing right now. Entertaining, actually.

At the moment, it seems that the magic number is 83% — and Nationwide is asking for the 17% of our $500 come out of their claim and come to me. Really, fascinating. And for less than $100, Nationwide is making me a more loyal customer. Pretty good investment for them, I’d say.

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