Ulan Ude (UU)

My friends recently moved to Ulan Ude, Russia. Recently, as in they arrived there on Tuesday.

When I was doing a quick overview of current events on the New York Times website, I gave in to the urge to search “Ulan Ude” and was surprised to find a NYTimes News Blog that was posted about a week ago talking about a cool thing using YouTube and Google Maps. It lets a viewer watch out the window of the Trans-Siberian Railway for the whole journey.  Read it here. I find this delightfully cool.

I followed the link in that blog to a sub-set of the “cool thing” described above which features video guides to 14 cities along the way, including Ulan Ude.

When I checked Facebook about an hour ago, I saw that my friend’s Friday morning (there) status update indicates that they are on their way out to explore a bit of UU. Hmmm.

Now I am too.

And so can you. (Be prepared to read subtitles.)

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