Dr. Chester Wood has long been my teacher, though I’ve not had a class with him for many years. His teaching on the poor and on justice has deeply influence my thinking– and my teaching — and even my living.

With time in the Philippines (late 70’s I think), on faculty at Bethel University in MN (early 80’s), and then for many years at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology in Kenya (3 decades — wow, has it been that long?!), Chet’s understanding of justice has been influence by (most markedly) God’s Word and some great theological minds in Africa.

He’s currently teaching at my home church in Indy and they’ve put up a Facebook group for discussion and are posting video of the classes. Not fancy production, but GREAT, thought provoking teaching.

Yesterday I had a statement here recommending that you (whoever you are) go check out the group and the discussions. I’m reading today that the group is closed so people can post their questions without fear that “the whole world” will see what they’re thinking. I do understand the place for private conversation and don’t intend to argue about that decision. I know that I have a way higher tolerance for public discussion than some do (and a lower one than others).

(This photo of Chet and his wife, Dolores, and two of their four daughters was taken at their home on the NEGST campus in Kenya. I visited Woods there in 2005.)

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