The last time I got new contacts (I wear gas perms, so I update my Rx and replace on an 18-24 month cycle generally) I got mono-vision lenses. Those are the ones where one eye is focused on the distance and one eye is focused for close up. It’s for those of us who need readers, but don’t want to wear them for various reason.

Now, I don’t remember wanting these. In fact, I think I was set against them. But, whatever the case, I ended up with them.  Here’s the deal — mono-vision lenses mean that you’re only seeing clearly with one eye when things are far or near. Only things in the middle get both eyes. This made me crazy. Some people adjust. I didn’t so much. It’s worse in less light — do dusk is miserable and driving at night gave me fits.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I had enough money saved to go get this fixed. I picked up my new lenses (from my new eye doctor who I highly recommend!) on Tuesday. Ahhhhh!!  My distance sight has returned to where I enjoyed it for years and years of my life.

And I now must use readers for, well, reading. Must. Not maybe. Must.

On Wednesday after work I popped into Walgreen’s and got two pair (they had Foster Grant readers BOGO free this week — lucky me). I’m still developing the habit of having them with me when I need them, of course. I won’t be surprised if I’m soon a proud owner of at least one decorative chain so I can wear them around my neck. We’ll see.

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