Wycliffe Leadership Community

The Wycliffe Leadership Community gathered again this week.

What is Wycliffe? In this instance, I’m talking about Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. To read more about Wycliffe, click the tab at the top of this blog.

What is this Leadership Community? This is a group that includes the Executive and Senior Leadership of the organization (VP’s, Sr VP’s and the President) plus those Directors who report directly to them. The group is over 40 in number. We meet a couple of times each year.

Why? In part, we gather so we can know one another in a broad context that is not specific to a project or challenge. If I say “team building” you’re too likely to roll your eyes or get visions of ropes courses because you’ve heard that used to mean so many different things. Still, there is value in developing and enhancing our sense of team.

We also gather for development. We’ve worked on strategic planning and on how to better plan strategically.

And these pictures? On Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity of leading a discussion that will influence the next iteration of our Strategic Framework — specifically the identification and definition of our areas of strategic focus for the near future. That discussion will continue with the Senior Leadership Team (a subset of this group) on Tuesday at our monthly meeting.

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