The White Wolf Cafe

I’ve driven past The White Wolf Cafe a number of times in the past few years — often commenting about the crowds gathering there for breakfast on a last Sunday morning. Finally I decided to check it out for myself. After driving in circles to find a parking place that didn’t require a Masters Degree in Parallel Parking.

We arrived at a popular moment and agreed to seats at the bar rather than a wait. (I was hungry…and I don’t mind bar seating when I’m alone or with only one other person.)

Coffee was hot and good.

Service was excellent.

Menu was engaging, but not exhausting. You know, some menus take too much work to understand. LIke the chef gets sick pleasure out of using ingredients you’ve never heard of in combinations that are not predictable and then names the dishes with mysterious foreign words.

The food was DE.LI.CIOUS. When you look at the images of our plates…you may drool, but don’t judge. Unless you want to hand out blue ribbons for WOW.

We both had omelettes. Mine had cream cheese, jam (raspberry, I think) and toasted almonds. Dad’s was more traditional — a Western, I think.

The grits were great (butter and salt). Dad had the “home fries” which appeared to be a combo of all the potatoes left over from the day before (mashed, sweet, fries, baked) smashed together and pan fried. He said they were very good. I didn’t have time to taste his food. I was too busy with my own plate.

We’ll not make this a weekly habit, but I fully expect to go back here. For those from the Indy area, it reminds me of some of my favorite places in Broad Ripple.

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