Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

I love creative people. I love what they create.

You’ll watch this and think you recognize it, because you do. But do you really?  Listen…carefully. And enjoy.

I am not sure how to change the “image used as still” for this. I would have chosen differently — something like the screen shot I have posted in this blog.

I’m giving extra credit points to the people who wrote comments about this video on the YouTube page which honored the work with mimicking.

Comments like this:

ohvar9000 @ScarletCrow
different self-riteous retort, stating your inferiority with common vulgar insult. extreme case may include step by step proof of your misinformation citing wikipedia articles i edited myself. other miscellaneous food for trolls. mispellnigs adn badly gramur. 1 hour ago

And like these:

Positive compliment about simply amazing false movie 1 hour ago

ScarletCrow @timmothy1234
Self-righteous and sectarian reply, filled with conservative buzz-words and thinly veiled hatred. 23 hours ago

Of course, this will all make more sense when you view the video. Go on. Click the arrow.

The 11th Best Picture Nomination of 2009.

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